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Community Involvement


“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the

compassionate actions of its members”

-Coretta Scott King

The cornerstone of BreakFIT Wellness LLC is COMMUNITY Within the classes and personal training, a sense of "together we are stronger" is an attitude exuded by BreakFIT.  Boston is our home and we intend to always give back.

In 2020, BreakFIT partnered with many organizations; large and small, profit and non profit to provide health services within our neighborhoods. Turkey Trifecta 2020, a Virtual 5k and Thanksgiving Day Workout event was held during the Thanksgiving weekend, providing a familiar activity with a twist. BreakFIT partnered with Kick it with Kelsey to raise $600 which was awarded to 2 well deserved organizations; located in Boston and Cleveland, that support homeless women and children. 

Politics was a hot button in 2020 and BreakFIT could not ignore it. Teaming up with Meaningful Occasions, Boston Organics, and Hack Daddy, BreakFIT took to the streets handing out water and snacks to support voters as they came out to make a difference. VOTE SNACK GO was able to provide snacks to 1000+ Bostonians during the primaries and election days of the now historic election of 2020. 


BreakFIT Wellness joined a wonderful business accelerator;  EforALL in the summer of 2020. This platform opened many doors including, teaming up with the Consulate General of Israel to New England and speaking with former mayor Deval Patrick and Get Konnected! Collette Phillips, and our first interview with One Bead.

Joining the Community Resilience Network, BreakFIT Wellness with Boston Public Health Commission, started 2021 providing

FREE fitness classes and pre/post natal personal training to city residents for 3 months; effecting 100+ individuals and families. 

As we grow will continue to give back to those around us. Join our BreakFITFAM mailing list and keep up with our strengths. 

                                                                                                   Sweat, Smile, Repeat

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